Thursday, 21 June 2012

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman

I adore this series. To start off with, I love dragons, so this book already has my heart. But the characters…and the plot…and the pace…wow, it’s really incredible.

What’s really cool is that it focuses on a more Asian-centered world. I mean, I’m always reading about the US and about European countries and historical fiction in English courts, so it’s nice to have a change. The main character is called Eon, but he’s secretly a girl in disguise (pretty awesome, right?). She’s trying to become a Dragoneye, which means that she has a special bond to one of the twelve dragons (fun fact: the 12 dragons are based on the Chinese zodiac). Once she’s a Dragoneye, she has to deal with, for lack of a better term, court-like intrigue and complex politics in the Dragoneye world. Eon(a) has to deal with the sinister Lord Ido, who’s determined to seize power in the typical villainous-lord way. There are also a whole bunch of mysteries brought up, such as the fabled Mirror Dragon and the legendary black and red folios (books, basically) that contain powerful magic.

The storyline is fantastic. The pacing matched with the attention to detail is wonderful, and all the characters are well developed. I loved Eona because she was so strong, struggling to best the guys even with a lame leg. I love how feisty she was; not once did she ever stop fighting. While reading the book, I wanted to totally immerse myself in the world! What more can I say? Read it!

And then read the second one, because it’s even better. Why, you ask? Well, it introduces, along with more danger, more mysteries, and more powers for Eona: romance. That’s right. You finally get your typical love triangle, except there’s lots more going on. Trust me, neither of the guys is your average boy-next-door type. Both have secrets and neither of them trust each other, but seeing Eona’s relationship grow with one of them in particular is really interesting. To give you an idea of how addicted I was to this book, I couldn’t put it down even on a long, twisty car ride. I’m very prone to getting motion sickness. ‘Nuff said.

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