Sunday, 10 June 2012

Swim the Fly by Don Calame

Now here's a book your guy friends don't want you to read! Raunchy, hilarious, sharp, and did I say raunchy, this is one of the most entertaining reads I've ever come across.

Each summer, Matt, Sean, and Cooper set themselves a goal. This year, it's to see a naked girl. (Need I say more? Your interest is already piqued!) This might be easy for some guys, but not these ones- they're all, well let's just say their not ladies' men. Matt is also trying to impress a girl on his swim team, Kelly, by swimming the butterfly, an insanely difficult event. To complicate things, she has a boyfriend, who is huge and terrifying. The boys' exploits to see a naked girl get funnier and funnier, and gradually more ridiculous. Each thing leads to another and soon the boys are knee deep in...problems.

Their banter is as hilarious as it is realistic, and I enjoyed reading about their friendship. Certain scenes had me laughing for minutes,like the bathroom one, and That's What She Said Day. I found it find out what guys are thinking about most of the time. The book feels a lot like a comedy movie: great dialogue, plenty of action, and good pace. A perfect summertime adventure.

The sequel, Beat the Band, dishes up the same humor, with more of a serious aspect added in. While Swim the Fly is all laughs, this book is laughs with some meaning. Essentially, Cooper is manipulated by the four most popular girls in the school to hurt Hot Dog Helen, who he's paired with for Health class (discussing contraceptives- fun times). He's dealing with this as well as trying to shape up for the Beat the Band competition, which he and his friends entered. (They SUCK). Personally, I liked this one even better than the first.

The third book, Call the Shots, is told from Sean's point of view. It's going to come out this fall. Can't wait!

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